Everyone deserves to have a comprehensive estate plan that protects their assets and provides assurance to loved ones. Let us guide you through this important process to develop your personalized estate planning documents, such as a will, durable power of attorney, trust, healthcare power of attorney and living will.

Probate and Estate Administration:

Attorney Anderson has the knowledge and experience to greatly reduce your burden and risk as an executor, trustee or other party with estate administration responsibilities. We know how to complete necessary processes efficiently and implement strategies to hold costs down. We can help you avoid mistakes that could drag out the process and even dramatically increase your costs. Andrea’s practice areas, including real estate and business law, will be essential as we help you through situations that involve the sale of real estate or a business. You can turn to us for legal services aimed at protecting your interests and eliminating headaches so you can stay focused on other concerns.

Personalized guidance through the probate process:

When your parent, spouse, or loved one dies will you know what to do? The legal and financial aftermath of a family member’s passing can be overwhelming, especially given the emotional stress of dealing with your loss. Attorney Anderson will assist you in reviewing your situation to determine what your first step will be. If there was a will, we’ll determine whether the will needs to be probated. If there isn’t a will, we’ll tell you who the heirs of the estate will be based upon Pennsylvania intestate laws. We’ll be there by your side guiding you through the various deadlines and potentially confusing legal matters. We will keep you fully informed of all obligations and steps along the way.

Peace of mind:

Estate planning protects you and your loved ones. Pre-planning your financial directions gives you peace of mind and alleviates your loved ones’ burden and anguish over the uncertainty of managing your affairs when you pass away or become incapacitated.

Planning your future:

We carefully guide you through a review of your complete financial picture. Planning isn’t just about your will. Everything else works in concert: from your designations on your IRA’s and life insurance to your Powers of Attorney. Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Anyone with children or assets of any kind should have an estate plan. Even your children should have estate planning documents when they reach the age of 18. We focus on maximizing the assets that you have, limiting federal and state taxes, minimizing the overwhelming burden of legal and financial matters for your loved ones after your passing, and giving you control of your last wishes.

Estate Planning:

When you meet with Andrea to discuss your future, she will take the time to get to know your personal circumstances and review your financial picture to create your own unique estate plan which may include:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Durable General Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will
  • Trusts for minors or others
  • Living Trusts and other trusts
  • 401(k) and IRA retirement accounts designations
  • Life insurance policy designations
  • Retitling financial accounts and deeds